Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today marks the beginning of a new adventure. In just a few hours I head for New York and a new job. I will be serving as the director of the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. It will be a learning experience to figure out what that means - a learning experience that will happen at a fairly rapid rate. I will be living in a church-owned apartment in Morningside Gardens near Riverside Park. I will be wearing a suit a heck of a lot more. Actually I have done that for five days in a row last week. Not sure when that has happened before.

Today marks the beginning of a new effort at self care. That has not gone so well over the past month or so. But this is a new start. Much more walking will be required in New York City. I am counting on that to help, but intentionality will also be required.

Today marks the beginning of a new attempt to blog more regularly - at least to make notes of what happens and how the days go.

Today marks the beginning.

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