Monday, January 17, 2011

Glover, Steelers, oldies, taxes

As well as not taking care of myself, other things have been going on.

We have had a couple of seminars at the office that went well.

I have gone through a Danny Glover phase of movies: Honeydripper (Glover plays the owner of the Honeydripper Lounge in the 1950s who is struggling to keep his club going)and Gospel Hill (Glover plays the son of a martyred Civil Rights leader who is reborn and brought back to the struggle). Both are fairly interesting flicks - nothing outstanding, but solid.

Saturday saw the Steelers game - a rather amazing comeback in the second half. Several analysts suggest that the Ravens choked. I tend to go with the opinion that the Steelers came alive and took back the game - particularly on defense. They have some young wide receivers who are coming into their own. Should be an interesting match-up with the Jets on Sunday.

I have been watching some old movies on Roku. Nothing worth commenting on.

Got my own computer - a Lenovo. Probably should write this blog on that page in the future.

Started work on taxes - always a highlight of the year.

See you along the trail.

Tomorrow is another day

I have been away from blogging.

I have been overeating.

I have not been to the gym.

I have not been taking blood sugar readings.

I have not been walking 10,000 steps day. Actually I have not been keeping track of my steps at all.

There are reasons excuses. My pedometer died and the new one has not arrived. I hurt my toe. The gym was closed.

They are real. But they should have not thrown me for a loop.

Tomorrow is another day. It begins again.

See you along the trail.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cool quote

Watching Invictus

"We have to surprise them with compassion, with restraint, and generosity."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pedometer woes

Got involved in a number of projects last night and did not post.

Had a successful visit with folks from the campus ministry at Virginia Tech.

But also had my pedometer die. Since one goal is 10,000 steps a day, that is a problem. The one silver lining is that I have made it to 10,000 steps enough days in a row to have a pretty good sense of what that takes.

I ordered a new pedometer anyhow.

Exercise (treadmill in gym): 5 days in a row
10,000+ steps: 5 days in a row
Eating well: 9 days in a row
Blood sugar readings: 13 normal in a row; 74% normal since the start

Watched a movie based on Susan Cooper's book The Dark is Rising. An okay movie - well barely. A much better book. Different media as I always say. But compared to other movies - still barely OK.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bowl Championship Series Championship Game

Not sure that makes a lot of sense, but it is the way things are done in Division I (or whatever they call it) football these days. It is actually proving to be a very good game. Different than what was expected, it is a defensive struggle.

Ricky's present finally arrived, a great relief. Especially since it is such a good cause.

Ordered a computer. It will be good to have one that does not belong to the Center - one that can be used for taxes and financial records and iTunes. Hopefully the mail order deal will work. Got a Lenovo since that is what Eric has and it works well.

Watched a National Geographic special on Lewis and Clark while getting ready for work this morning.

Tomorrow is an early day as a group from Virginia Tech is coming in. After that it is a sprint to the end of the day.

Now have 4 days at the gym, over 10,000 steps, and eating well in a row.

See you along the trail.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Random Ws

Worshiped at Church of the Covenant. A small congregation. Good spirit. Reminded me of Shannon City United Methodist Church which in Iowa.

Watched part of Ravens-Chiefs game but really took a nap.

Went to the gym. Walked on the treadmill. Seven days in a row of eating right. Three days in a row - feet are starting to feel better. Blood sugar reading starting to be consistently normal.

Washed clothes. Dried them, too.

Watched Packers-Ravens game on the treadmill.

Watched Bordertown, a rather harrowing look at events in Juarez where women are being killed way too often.

Wondering about rematch between Steelers and Ravens.

Will see you along the trail.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Once again . . .

. . . in the aftermath of the shooting in Arizona . . .

. . . my heart aches; my spirit sags; my mind reels; my gut hurts.

Nothing else seems worth saying tonight. I do not think I am alone.

A prayer service with the people of Sudan

The clear highlight of the day was the blessing of participating in a prayer service with the people of Sudan. Here is a reflection originally written for Swords into Plowshares, the blog of the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations.


The interfaith group who gathered today in the Tillman Chapel at the Church Center for the United Nations to pray with the people of Sudan in anticipation of the referendum on self-determination in Southern Sudan did that.


Times and places when people made hard decisions and peace prevailed were named.


The violence and the pain, the death and the suffering, faced by the Sudanese people through the years, was recalled as was their courage and grace, hope and faith.


Participants held pictures of people from Sudan as reminders of those for whom prayers were said - those with whom prayers were said - for the people of Sudan are and have been and will continue praying in the days through the referendum and its implementation and beyond.


Re-member. Bring the members back together. The members of the human family. In Sudan. Around the world. All the human being tribe.


"You are not forgotten. We remember your names." The song echoed off the chapel walls and guided the participants from the chapel to the Isaiah Wall in the cold and snow.


Large snow flakes and the swirling wind made it impossible to light the candles the participants carried even though they could not extinguish the candles of hope and love and faith that are lit in human minds and hearts and spirits.


As the service closed, the participants together recited the ancient words of the prophet Isaiah, "they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more."

May it be so. For Sudan. For us all.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Yes. I figured it out - at least who did it - but not the reason for their greed.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another day, another trip

Flew back to NYC (Shire East) from Louisville (Shire West) late this evening after a day of meetings.

The meetings went well. I watched Whiteout upon returning. An OK escape, but nothing profound. It seems to winding down, I will see if I figured it out. Not sure I have been paying enough attention to be sure about my suspicions.

Tomorrow is the interfaith prayer service for Sudan. There are signs of hope . . . may they come true.

See you along the trail.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You travel too much

That's what my friend and colleague Petero told me when he learned I was returning to Louisville this afternoon. Of course he has travel scheduled to Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, and several other countries in February. He works for the Episcopal Church and holds their Africa desk.

The morning began with a visit to the office by a group from Eckerd College. They were in NYC for a class on the United Nations. They made their first stop the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. I had the privilege to talk to them about our ministry and to respond to questions. It was great fun!

After meeting with the group, it was discovered that the PC(USA) email system was done - so instead of email, the phone was necessary to make arrangements for Friday's prayer service on Sudan. Fascinating to realize how much a part of life email is.

Then headed to LGA. The security line was about as long as I have ever seen - but it moved quickly and people were very patient. The flights went well - picked up the rental car and made it back to the Shire West. Renovations have continued in preparation for selling the condo.

A limited number of dvds remain at the Shire West - that was probably poor planning since the Shire East has cable and the Roku box - should have left more to have more variety. Watched Amazing Grace.

Tomorrow I travel back to the Shire East.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meeting with the Committee on Ministry

The highlight of the day was a meeting with the Committee on Ministry of the Presbytery of New York City - a step in transferring membership. It was actually quite enjoyable. Lots of questions - but fun questions to answer. I believe that seeds were planted for future conversations as well. I think that gathering small groups of folk to talk about ways to partner in ministry may be worth pursuing.

In terms of goals - I ate well again; got a normal blood sugar reading; and walked 10,236 steps. I have not gone to the gym or engaged in concerted walking as I have a couple of sore spots on my feet. I am taking care of them and am seeing some progress so hopefully the exercise/walking will commence soon.

I got home from the COM meeting soon enough to watch Ohio State play in the Sugar Bowl. It would really be good for them to win - or at least I know many folk who would like that - I assume there are many folk who would like Arkansas to win, I just don't know as many in that position. Things started really well, but the tension is rising. Ohio State just went on fourth down and came up short giving Arkansas good field position. This could ugly for Buckeye fans.

Tomorrow there is a meeting with the Eckerd College group; then I will do some work on the Interfaith Harmony Week; and then head to Louisville where I will stay in the Shire West for one night with a CPJ coordinators' meeting on Thursday.

Day 1 (again)

A travel day - often the most challenging - so easy to stop into Hudson News and pick up candy or nuts (not bad in themselves but a problem when a couple of bags are consumed at the same time).

A travel day - made even more challenging by a variety of frustrations - the plane was late and got later as the day went on - and the internet connection in BWI was pretty week.

A travel day - an emotional day, leaving family behind, realizing that I don't really have a place to call home in the sense of a place where there is family/community, experiencing the realities of trying to live in three places.

A travel day - on which overeating did not occur, indeed eating was appropriate - only 6,700 steps but that is a few more than expected.

A travel day - the first day - more to follow.

See you along the trail.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Self care

Signed up for the Kentuckiana Metro on the Move challenges. Again. Maybe I will actually stick with them this time.


Stuck in BWI. Not sure how long it will be. Air card not working real well. Patience not my strong suit. Good news is that I have not allowed this to be an excuse for overeating. At least not yet.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Signifcant witness and not-so significant games

Went to Noble Road for worship today. Communion was celebrated - Eric helped serve - always cool to be present when that happened.

For a number of years, Noble Road has done "Epiphany Stars." These are simple star shapes cut from paper. On the paper is written a word. People are invited to take a star and receive the word on that star as a gift from God - to reflect on it through the year - to see if and how the quality or meaning of that word plays out in the coming year.

Before people receive a star, there is an invitation to reflect on the stars of the previous year. Only a couple of people share reflections but they are usually profound. This year was no exception. One person received the gift of "courage" and had to find the courage to move - leaving behind a home of 56 years - and making a new start because of health reasons. Another person spoke through tears of receiving the star of "loyalty" - of having that star for two years - and of spending those two years saying a long good-bye to a partner who disappeared into the horror we know as Alzheimer's.

Such witnesses - such experiences - make the rest of the day seem insignificant.

Football was watched - with the VanRoosDales and MillerBrandts coming to watch the Steelers-Browns on the new TV. In terms of support, the crowd leaned a little bit toward the Browns. As the game progressed and the Steelers dominated, some of the neutral folks shifted toward the Cleveland camp. Texting with Bridgett and Valerie helped to balance the odds and increased the fun.

The Packers-Bears were next with the Packers prevailing. Basketball then took the stage with the Cavaliers losing. Duke was playing tonight but was not broadcast in Cleveland and for some reason, the Winking Lizard was not showing it either. So Tricia followed it on her Android phone.

Scrabble was played again with Tricia winning one; Eric winning two; and Eric and I tying on the fourth game.

During all of this, I did laundry and some packing.

Tomorrow - travel to NYC and the Shire East. Back to work on Tuesday.

And tomorrow marks the beginning (again - the previous times have been practice - can this be the real thing) of working for health goals.

See you along the trail.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Of the tube and goals

Managed to wake up earlier today - 9:30 or so. But spent most of the day vegetating in front of the TV. Started with a portion of The Alamo - the 2004 version with Billy Bob Thornton and Jason Patrick and some others. As with True Grit, I prefer the John Wayne version.

Football followed - a disastrous day for the Big Ten. A great win for Texas Christian. SEC domination. Penn State started well against Florida but faded. I still wonder if it is not time for Jon Pa to retire; I have been wondering that for a few years.

The evening brought the Winter Classic hockey game - and the Penguins lost. That means both teams I care about lost. Connecticut appears a bit overmatched against Oklahoma - knew that going in.

Played Scrabble once again. Eric won two. I did pick up one. But Eric has won more than his share - or at least some of my share - over this vacation.

Another day of overeating with pizza ordered in and cookies sought out. My plan is to adjust my eating starting on Monday. We have folks coming in to watch the Steelers tomorrow - well later today.

Goals for new year - starting Monday
Daily - eating well
Daily - 10,000 steps
Weekly - 5 times of exercise
Monthly - 10 pounds weight loss
Monthly - 333,333 steps
Monthly - 90% normal blood sugar readings
Annual - 120 pounds weight loss
Annual - 4,000,000 steps

The daily steps don't add up to the monthly or yearly steps - I will have to figure that out.

Not sure what the rewards will be - have to figure those out.

See you along the trail.