Monday, January 10, 2011

Bowl Championship Series Championship Game

Not sure that makes a lot of sense, but it is the way things are done in Division I (or whatever they call it) football these days. It is actually proving to be a very good game. Different than what was expected, it is a defensive struggle.

Ricky's present finally arrived, a great relief. Especially since it is such a good cause.

Ordered a computer. It will be good to have one that does not belong to the Center - one that can be used for taxes and financial records and iTunes. Hopefully the mail order deal will work. Got a Lenovo since that is what Eric has and it works well.

Watched a National Geographic special on Lewis and Clark while getting ready for work this morning.

Tomorrow is an early day as a group from Virginia Tech is coming in. After that it is a sprint to the end of the day.

Now have 4 days at the gym, over 10,000 steps, and eating well in a row.

See you along the trail.

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