Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You travel too much

That's what my friend and colleague Petero told me when he learned I was returning to Louisville this afternoon. Of course he has travel scheduled to Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, and several other countries in February. He works for the Episcopal Church and holds their Africa desk.

The morning began with a visit to the office by a group from Eckerd College. They were in NYC for a class on the United Nations. They made their first stop the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. I had the privilege to talk to them about our ministry and to respond to questions. It was great fun!

After meeting with the group, it was discovered that the PC(USA) email system was done - so instead of email, the phone was necessary to make arrangements for Friday's prayer service on Sudan. Fascinating to realize how much a part of life email is.

Then headed to LGA. The security line was about as long as I have ever seen - but it moved quickly and people were very patient. The flights went well - picked up the rental car and made it back to the Shire West. Renovations have continued in preparation for selling the condo.

A limited number of dvds remain at the Shire West - that was probably poor planning since the Shire East has cable and the Roku box - should have left more to have more variety. Watched Amazing Grace.

Tomorrow I travel back to the Shire East.

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