Monday, January 17, 2011

Glover, Steelers, oldies, taxes

As well as not taking care of myself, other things have been going on.

We have had a couple of seminars at the office that went well.

I have gone through a Danny Glover phase of movies: Honeydripper (Glover plays the owner of the Honeydripper Lounge in the 1950s who is struggling to keep his club going)and Gospel Hill (Glover plays the son of a martyred Civil Rights leader who is reborn and brought back to the struggle). Both are fairly interesting flicks - nothing outstanding, but solid.

Saturday saw the Steelers game - a rather amazing comeback in the second half. Several analysts suggest that the Ravens choked. I tend to go with the opinion that the Steelers came alive and took back the game - particularly on defense. They have some young wide receivers who are coming into their own. Should be an interesting match-up with the Jets on Sunday.

I have been watching some old movies on Roku. Nothing worth commenting on.

Got my own computer - a Lenovo. Probably should write this blog on that page in the future.

Started work on taxes - always a highlight of the year.

See you along the trail.

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