Monday, September 13, 2010

At the Shire

September 8
Travel day. Arrived at the Shire in the middle of the afternoon. Went to the gym. 12,395 steps.

September 9
Travel day. Went to Stony Point for the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship's National Committee meeting. Walked around Stony Point. 11,841 steps.

September 10
At Stony Point. Walked around at Stony Point. 11,612.

September 11
Travel day. Most walking took place in the Charlotte Airport. It is actually a pretty good place for that. 10,251 steps.

September 12
Back at the Shire. Football started! Watched Steelers at Buffalo Wild Wings. Overate. But Steelers won. Made it to the gym. 10, 318 steps.

September 13
In the office for the first day in a long time. Went to gym - watched a bit of Ravens-Jets game. 12,749 steps.

Hope to get back to posting more regularly.

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