Saturday, September 4, 2010

Turkeys and bison

A busy day. A good day.

Started at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. Learned about how the memorial was made - absolutely amazing story. Walked around the Presidential Trail - looked up presidential nostrils, a humbling experience.

Then went to the Crazy Horse Memorial. A quick trip to Jewel Cave National Monument followed. Without reservations, we simply checked out the exhibits and did a trail on top of the cave.

We drove the wildlife loop - complete with one-lane tunnels, beaucoup curves, turkeys, and bison! - at Custer State Park.

Then back to Keystone and a walking tour of historic Keystone.

A good day topped off with good numbers - 13,100 steps and a good blood sugar reading in the morning - and a normal reading for the second evening in a row!

See you along the trail.

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