Friday, December 31, 2010

The Duke and the Dude

Slept in - again. I am truly liking that.

Eric and I went to see True Grit. Glad I saw it - I had somehow expected more. It was good - but I do not think it was the Coen brothers' best - at least it is not my favorite among their work.

Hailee Steinfeld was outstanding. Jeff Bridges is a better actor than John Wayne; but for this role I prefer the Duke to the Dude. Matt Damon was quite good. It seemed like some of the supporting players were almost trying to channel those who appeared in the original - particularly in terms of their voices and speaking patterns. There was some amazing scenery. A good way to spend part of an afternoon, but not a keeper - at least until I find it used and cheap somewhere.

Shopping followed. Eric and I went to Aldi to pick up supplies for Sunday's football game: Steelers v. Browns. The VanRoosDales and Francis and family will be coming over.

Then to dinner at Battiste & Dupree Cajun Grill. Quite good. We consumed a lot of shrimp between the three of us. I can't find a Web page to give them a shout out, but they are on Warrensville Center in South Euclid - 1992 Warrensville Center Rd.

Eric then headed to Solon to bring in 2011 with the cousins. Tricia and I are watching football. I am reading Fanny Kemble's Civil Wars. Pretty good.

Tomorrow brings lots of football - and games that I actually care about as opposed to games for the sake of watching football.

All in all, a good day. No wild critters spotted in the back yard, but a good day.

See you along the trail.

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