Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday 2010

Hey - the Saints just scored - a pick-six from Manning. It has been hard to engage in the game as the Steelers are not playing. But we had a really good time in New Orleans at Christmas - so I guess they would be my choice to win.

Made it back to the gym today - am fighting blister issues on my foot either again or still depending on the perspective. I walked 2.41 miles; did a mile on a stationary bike and spent a minute or so on the elliptical. Step total - 14, 355.

A friend has loaned me a netbook to try. Thinking that I might take it to Chicago, I have been playing with it. However, there is enough going on in the world that I need to be sure to have email access, so I am taking the laptop with the air card.

I also watched the Penguins play today - a Pittsburgh team playing on Super Bowl Sunday seems only fitting. But they lost. They started well, but Washington just outplayed them in the end. Such is life.

I was in New Orleans a couple of years back when the Saints won their first playoff game ever. I spent some time on Bourbon Street in the aftermath. It was great fun. Tonight should be even better! The picture is of St. Peter's Street off Jackson Square - don't have one of Bourbon Street itself. Guess I have to go back and get one of those.

Dances with Wolves is now on AMC. It is the 25th anniversary. Time has this way.

But time is flying in other ways and 5:00 comes early in the blessed AM. Off to Chicago tomorrow - as implied earlier.

Almost forgot - Bilbo and the dwarves are under siege in the mountain.

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