Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Service Corps, Ghost Ranch

A portion of this year's vacation was spent at Ghost Ranch on the Service Corps. (Note that the description gets the basic gist of things, but "help in food service, housekeeping, library, museums, and, on occasion, some off-Ranch community service" is not really a part of the work any more).

This was the first time I had ever done this. It probably will not be the last.

On the one hand, participation in the Service Corps involved paying (half-price for room and meals plus $50 registration) to do work that I go out of my way to avoid doing at any of the places I call home.

On the other hand, participation in the Service Corps provided an opportunity to meet and work with amazing people and to make a difference at a place that means a great deal to me - a place where I belong - a place that feels like (yet another) home.

Weighing these two factors, the other hand wins.

Hand down. One fine day, I will see you at Ghost Ranch.

Until then, see you along the Trail.

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