Thursday, July 7, 2011

TV, laundry, burgers, small critters

I am not a big television fan. I watch very little. But Men of a Certain Age  is on at the moment. It is a reminder that I could watch Andre Braugher read the phone book. I don't get it all - it's a bit hard joining a series at the last episode of the season and having a sense of the back stories and how things have come to where they are. But Braugher's performance caught and held my attention.

Homicide: Life on the Street is the one series I have watched from beginning to end - using Netflix to help me do that. And I did that primarily for Braugher although the whole cast was amazing.

Today was another slow moving day. When we finally got moving, we drove to Greeley. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant called Good Time Burgers - they also served custard - which probably helped absorb the grease from the burgers. They were OK, by no means were they the best burgers I have ever eaten (of course they did not claim to be).

Fort Vasquez was the next stop. It was a trading post - furs, beaver and buffalo, were the featured item. The traps looked particularly brutal. Then made it to Greeley. Drove around the town a bit and then checked in to the Days Inn - where Tricia did the laundry. We went to dinner with Sue Brown and a bunch of her friends from the Presbytery of Plains and Peaks.

Tomorrow night - Estes Park. The last time I was in Estes Park was 10 years ago when the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program held a seminar there and I led a workshop. I drove to seminar and around the town and the YMCA of the Rockies. I am embarrassed to say that, in the process, I struck a number of small animals. I will try to be more careful this time - maybe even much more careful to paraphrase Captain Jack Sparrow.

See you along the Trail.

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