Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catch Me if You Can

Mixed results on a snowy Louisville day. I made it to the gym before the snow started. Now, bear in mind that this is Louisville snow so we are talking around 3 inches max but as always even that amount snarls roads.

My plan had been to listen to music again, but I managed to leave my headphones at home. So I headed into the Cardio Theater and caught Catch Me if You Can - 1.82 miles worth (this is about 35-38 minutes of walking at the moment). Amazing how calm and normal Christopher Walken's character is in this movie as compared to a number of his other films.

Eating went well. I discovered that the chili and salad combo at a local restaurant fits the calorie guidelines I am using.

However the general walking did not go so well. I only made it to 7,806 steps - my lowest total since I have started this endeavor. Lots of meetings today. Good meetings - but lots of sitting.

Tomorrow - the weigh in.

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