Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today is another day

The movie in the Cardio Theater today was Silverado. I came in at the very end. They then restarted it. I realized that I had never seen the beginning of the movie. Fascinating. Apparently I had only seen bits and pieces from the middle and end of the movie. I did not see it in the theater and I had never rented it. Must have caught it on the tube. Seeing it from the beginning a whole lot of things that I remembered made a whole lot more sense.

I did the walking at the gym. Made 10553 steps. But this evening I ate too many pistachios and a couple of protein bars. At least if I had to overeat it was with reasonably healthy food - better than Doritos or Twinkies.

Tomorrow will be another day - or I guess today will since this is after midnight.

Checked out the football this weekend - even though the Steelers are no longer playing. I guess I will become a Saints fan at this point. Why? Tricia organized a trip to New Orleans for her family at Christmas. It was a great time. Sean and cousin Adam did some heavy-duty bonding during the Saints overtime loss to Tampa Bay. I watched it while listening to the Steelers beat the Ravens.It's not a permanent thing - but at least during the playoffs.

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