Sunday, January 10, 2010

A lot of steps left on the dresser

This morning began a bit later than recent days, sleeping in until about 9:30. I headed over to the gym not too much later. This time, I knew I would pass on the movie (Wedding Singer). I listened to the new cds from New Orleans. Great stuff!

On our Christmas trip to New Orleans, there was music everywhere - at least in the French Quarter. Music blared out of bars and various other institutions of entertainment. But there were also street musicians. It was like having a soundtrack for the trip.

Since it was a weekend, I stayed a bit longer on the treadmill than usual and did 2.6 miles. A blister seems to be developing on one of my feet so tomorrow's trip may be a bit shorter.

In the afternoon, a friend and I went to Costco. I have discovered a need for new blue jeans (the one pair I own is too big - I have enough pairs of what pass for dress pants in my life) and a belt. There are issues keeping my pants up. An intriguing problem to have on this journey.

Blue jeans and a belt were not found, but a number of other items were ranging from salmon burgers to pistachios to drain opener. Lots of walking took place - but the pedometer - and all those steps - had been left on my dresser. Sigh. I totaled 7,148 without them and would have probably exceeded the 10,000 goal had I worn it.

This evening I went to watch the Cowboys with friends - who are Cowboy fans. A good time for them!

Eating went pretty well. Chili in the bar.

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