Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Life ended
and the nightmare began
when they came,
the so-called soldiers;
came and took her,
took and armed her,
armed and used her,
used and raped her.

Life began,
new possibility,
when she learned
a child she carried;
stirring in her womb,
crying at his birth,
nursing at her breast,
laughing at her side.

Life ended
in another nightmare.
Again came
the so-called soldiers;
though loved by her so dearly,
tormented by the children,
rejected by the village,
her young son went with them.

23 May 2011
University of the West Indies
Kingston, Jamaica


  1. Wow. Beautiful, heart-breaking.

  2. That's the one I wrote based on Charlotte's workshop. I wish I had her email to send it to her.