Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Denzell and Chris

Finally got around to seeing Unstoppable tonight. I have a feeling it would be have been one to see on a big screen.

Denzell was quite impressive - as expected - as usual. Chris Pine, the new Kirk, was also in it. SI was pleasantly surprised by his performance. He has real possibilities.

The film is "inspired by true events." It isn't clear how factual the film is - a quick look at IMDB and Wikipedia indicated that there is some semblance to the real events.

Interesting play on the title - the runaway train is stopped; the characters play by Denzel, Chris, and Lew Temple refuse to stop their efforts to halt the train.

Unstoppable points to the willingness of some of God's children to put themselves on the line for others - even when they don't know the others - even when they have no reason to do so - even when they every reason not to do so. For such people, I give thanks.

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