Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two day report

Monday 9 August
I made all three goals - eating well, getting 30 minutes or more of focused exercise, and walking 10,445 steps.

Eric got back from Ghost Ranch. It's always nice to have someone in the Shire.

I painted the woodwork in the second guest bedroom.

Tuesday 10 August
Plumber (who was supposed to come yesterday) came today. Did his plumbing, but also talked religion. Asked if I belonged to a whole gospel church. Not quite sure what that means. I thought of several smart responses - "No, we cut out the middle 5 chapters of each of the synoptics; and only use the first and last chapter of John." I refrained and came up with something vague.

All three goals achieved (although I would really like to eat a six-pack of Snickers bars). But did eat well - not as well as some days - but still within the limits; walked for 35 minutes on the treadmill; and did 11,879 steps. Eric went to the gym with me.

We started putting the second guest bedroom back together. That should be finished tomorrow. It will be nice to have only one bed in my room again.

Watched "Lonely Are the Brave" - an old one with Kirk Douglas. Pretty interesting - dealt with loyalty and being out of time and place in a changing world. Walter Matthau and Carol O'Connor were in it as well. Dalton Trumbo did the screenplay. Need to learn more about him.

See you along the trail.

P.S. I stole Eric's picture from his Facebook page.

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